The way you run defines the success you reach

This is the traditional effective option to keep fit or lose weight. However, not every beginner understands how to run correctly. In the article we gathered a couple of tips on how to start doing this sport right now without any harm to your health.

TOP tips for successful running

We can talk for a long time about various techniques or styles, but the best is just to describe the essential points step by step. So to succeed start with:

  • setting goals and aims to achieve;
    Every journey begins with a destination, an end point. When a route is entered into the GPS, the destination is always known. Doing sport just for doing sport can make you a fanatic and give no result.
  • find like-minded fellows;
    Even the most inveterate introverts sometimes need fellows. First of all, it’s funny. Secondly, friends will make sure that you don’t miss the route. And thirdly, close people are always ready to encourage and inspire you. Also, you may google special clubs in the nearest district. Today there are many such places.
  • share your progress on social networks;
    This way it’s easier not to give up and find more motivation. So announce to everyone that you have started jogging and share your progress. There are many special apps that can easily sync with social media. You just need to post your
    routines on your pages every day. Imagine, you can even motivate others to run and track their own progress.
  • don’t overdo;
    The basic principle for beginners is the step-by-step approach. You don’t have to run a half marathon from your first workout, and then look back on it for another month and feel pain all over your body at every step. Start with small distances and step by step increase them.
    Another great way to keep on fitting and don’t give up is to alternate between walking and running.
    For example, start with 2 minutes of running, then continue with 2 minutes of walking. In a week you may increase the time to 3 minutes and so on. Perform several approaches in one workout, increase your running time and decrease your walking time (after 10 minutes of both activities, the intervals begin to decrease).
  • warm up before and stretch after.
    Don’t neglect the general physical preparation, especially when it’s about warming up before running and stretching after it. In this way, you will avoid possible injuries and recover more easily.
    Spend 5-7 minutes warming up all parts of your body: neck, arms, trunk and legs. Rotation, squats, bends and twists, all dynamic warm-up exercises are good to try. After training, spend 5-10 minutes stretching. Of course, pay special attention to the legs, but also don’t forget about the other parts of the body.

So is running difficult to try?

For sure, no. You don’t need some special preparation to start fitting, just be careful and attentive to your well-being. Remember, that it’s in your hands.