Don’t step back and start mountain riding today

Sport is not just the ability to keep fit, but to broaden your own outlook. One of the best options is to try mountain biking. But how to do it in the right way? Let’s puzzle out.

Practical tips on how to ride a mountain bike

The main advantage of the sport is extreme, but not always it’s possible to handle it with. Don’t get afraid of starting mountain riding, just follow strict tips on how to ride a bike, like:

  • reduce tire pressure;
    A basic rule for mountain riding is that the tire pressure should be equal to the recommended minimum or slightly higher. This will give you the greatest possible traction when driving over smooth roots, rocks and just mud.
    Lower tire pressure contributes to a smoother mountain biking, it allows better control over the bike, not to mention less impact on the hands and other parts of the body.
  • use the front and rear brakes equally;
    Balanced action of the front and rear brakes allows you to control the speed without the risk of one of the wheels locking. If the front wheel is locked, it’s almost a guarantee that you will unintentionally drive over the handlebars. If the rear wheel locks, the rear tire will slip and you may lose control.
  • riding uphill – lean weight forward, riding downhill – lean weight back;
    When driving up a steep hill, the front wheel tends to lift off the ground, so you are forced to drive only with the rear wheel.
    To avoid this, lean forward and stick your nose slightly over the handlebars. Keep your buttocks on the seat, but quickly move to the edge of the seat. As a result, the center of gravity shifts forward, the weight remains on the rear wheel, preventing loss of grip and drifting to the side of the road. On a downhill run, the problem is exactly the opposite, so position yourself on the pedals and slightly push your body back over the edge of the seat.
  • overcome the obstacle with speed;
    A push of movement helps the bike to overcome obstacles, which reduces the likelihood of being thrown from side to side.
    Sometimes you have to maneuver through the space between obstacles, but remember to maintain your speed and efficiency. You will eventually realize that it’s better to cross an obstacle than to avoid it.
  • don’t look where you don’t want to ride.
    Sometimes our body is smarter than our brain. The body tends to orient itself to where the eyes are pointing. Such cunning will make the brain direct the eyes in the right direction, and the body will have a better chance to succeed biking over it.
    Guide the ‘line’ along the route and follow the best path, which turns out to be the fastest, quietest and safest. If you keep an eye on this ‘line’, your bike has a much better chance of staying on it.

So can everyone succeed in mountain riding?

Of course, it doesn’t matter who or how old you are, while doing everything right. you can be successful in this field.