SCMP Felbabel Fit & Fab 2012

I am a recovering (half) ironmanholic.
I have raced Kona with a moustache because only Ironman legends who had won Kona had moustaches.
I have worn compression socks at work.
I have slept with a Heart Rate monitor on.
The big 4 are definitely NOT accounting firms.
I spent most of my time training, eating or sleeping (with my legs up against the wall).

I look forward to hearing from you and feel free to contact me with any question!
Happy swimming, cycling and running!

12x IRONMAN including 2x Kona (2007 to 2017)
18x 70.3 including World Champs Pro Las Vegas 2012
/// 3 PRO seasons 2010-20112012 ///
ITU World Champs Elite 2009
ITU Asian Champ 2012 (Covered by L’Equipe.Fr 🙂
Alpe D Huez long + Duathlon

Powerman Zofingen (10-160-30), 3x Malaysia (10-60-10)

Taiwan 3-day race
Malaysia 5-day race (MTB)
Tour of Matabungkai

UTMB finisher
North Face Hong Kong 100km, Lantau 70km
2x Oxfam Trailwallker
6000D La Plagne, Courchevel…

10x Marathons: Paris, Hong Kong, China Great Wall, Xiamen, Singapore, Rotterdam, Gold Coast…PB 2h45
Half Marathons PB 1h15
10km PB 33min

Some injuries along the way such as Achilles Tendinopathy (i.e. prevention and attention to weak signals is critical to long-term performances)
Cross-training fitness management (water running, weights, turbo trainer…)
Experienced juggling IRONMAN training with 60+ hours weekly at WORK (yet never easy)


Training Plans 

10k  26

Kona 2017 TPU with Joe Dirk Dave

KONA Coaching session with Training Peaks folks and great insights from Joe Friel