What a beautiful place for a Xterra!

Swim was uneventful… Although I have not swim open water in a group since Nice 70.3 in 2019! It felt good and relaxed to find bubbles and draft behind… Beautiful sunny day with a start at 14:00.

Bike was another story. I should have recce the bike course in the days before (course open since Wed. Normally closed to cycling). As it makes a big difference! I was thinking gloves could be useful (sometimes tricky if sweating too much…) but it was perfectly fine. Overall I lost approx 20min here, mostly going quite slow on too many places and lacking stamina on the rolling parts. Obviously slow downhill too… Halfway through the 1st lap I went overboard on a slippery root and landed in a nettle field 🙂 Quite stingy…but nothing broken. Dropped my 2 water bottles on the fall. Bummer, brand new bottles! On the 2nd lap I stopped for a couple of minutes to try to find them and found one!!

Run was tough with a steep section, walking slowly out of breath. Beautiful scenery.

Overall great to be racing again! Long way to being fit but enjoyed every minute of the day!

2h49 – 6th 40-44 and 48th AG. Approx. 35min behind 1st Elite and 25min behind 40-44

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