Alpen Challenge Lenzerheide 2021

Highly recommended Gran Fondo / Bike race

I am glad the long version 191km was canceled due to COVID19 restrictions (but I am very interested to do it in 2022! Especially the Splügenpass! But this time it is better to train for it…) because my legs could not manage it this time!

The Short course is 117km long with 2900m elevation. Perfect distance for a great day out without too much suffering 🙂

The 1st downhill is neutralized and then it is pack riding up until Albulapass. Perfect weather conditions. Dry & clean roads. No traffic. Safe. Again pack riding across St Moritz and to the bottom of Julierpass and most of the climb. Long downhill (20km+) with many switchbacks! VERY NICE!! Got dropped once, then caught back on the flats… Finally I could not manage some cramps at the 100km mark +/- on a short climb and let the pack go. Solo downhill to Tiefencastel and last climb up to the Roland Biathlon Arena in Lenzerheide.

4h44 (52th masters, 1st in 3h50 / 200th overall, 1st in 3h38)

Try to improve your time on the Short course…or try the Long course in 2022? humm… tough choice!

Great day out! Many thanks to the organizers for making it happen despite many hassles along the way this year!

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