Living the Pro Cycling Dream (Once in a while) by Phil Gaimon 

Draft Animals

What a great read! Highly recommended. The right mix between realism and cynicism with a touch of optimism (he made it after all!)

My favorite extracts

“no matter how deep you go, you can always race against the next day if you have to, but as soon as a stage race is over, your brain flips a switch and your legs turn to cement.”

“as good as i get, i’d always marvel at how small the discrepancy is between a pro and an amateur. It takes years of dedication to improve the last 10 percent, but on flat roads, a weekend warrior could hang out all day in my draft.”

“Whole Foods: they don’t sell organic fruit because they care about the environment – they do it because some sucker might pay $4 for an apple.”

“whatever you hoped for and wherever you end up, I bet you can carve out little moments of living your dream, once in a while.”

Now Phil is enjoying is WORST/BEST retirement ever, knocking Strava KOM all over the World and making fun videos…

And more books….(still have not read tho…)

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