The False Promise of Certification

Textile fty Shaoxing China

Latest report from Chaning Markets Foundation about the false promise of certification (report available here False-promise_full-report-ENG).

Basically 460 eco/green labels within 25 sectors. Yet still a long way to go… Higgs index still giving too much leeway to brands to decide what to check and what to disclose…Oeko-tex looking at harmful substances inside the finished products but not during the production cycles…It goes on and on…

Based on my experience some brands and some factories are really doing a lot of efforts to be cleaner and more transparent. But it’s true that it does not make that much sense not to be 100% circular if your business model is 100% about FAST FASHION! Until it is not 100% circular, this is where all your research/efforts/profit margins should go to…

KUDOS to brands focusing on making durable products, resisting fashion trends and designing them using sustainable materials and clean production methods. We know who you are! Keep it up! #LOVEYOURWORK

Even bigger KUDOS to customers who don’t fall into the PR/marketing traps, get informed before to purchase (it’s hard…and confusing: so many labels and side of the story…And it’s often more expensive too) and will eventually make brands change their way of doing business.

Articles below for reference,974211.html#utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email

Dirty Fashion from Relevant Films on Vimeo.


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