Tim Don: the man with the halo

I was in Kona last October when I heard that Tim Don (definitely a big favorite given his pedigree…) had crashed and was badly injured.


Despite the terrible news, I remember seeing some photos (tweet, instagram or else…) of him smiling and looking confident to get back on the bike soon…(classic Tim Don style!)


How wrong could I be? He was seriously injured…like very seriously: BROKEN NECK!

tim don halo

Many articles with details of what  he did and how he chose to fix this injury….the hard way (to make sure he could – maybe – run in the future…)

Real Talent. Last week he ran 2:49 at the Boston Marathon (under terrible windy and pouring rainy conditions…So many DNFs this year!) as he had predicted (he was on a 2h40 pace and slowed down to make sure he would not blow up big times…good pacing).

Interview with TRI247 below. (photo credit TRI247)


Great to see ON RUNNING sticking with Tim on his way back to Ironman World Champ contester in 2018.

=> Watch out for the film coming out on May 28th 


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