Tai Mo Shan on OFO bike

SEA TO SUMMIT: it says it all. On an OFO bike [20kg+ single speed on solid tyres and drum brakes].


From Tuen Mun (sea level) to Tai Mo Shan (Hong Kong’s highest peak) via Tai Lam Country Park.

With a stress fracture on a tiny bone under the ball of my foot, I have been sitting in the couch for the past 4-5 weeks already…(it happened end Jan. but I thought it was a bruise and kept running on it for 3-4 weeks… Stopped all after seeing The Doc early March). Probably still a few more weeks to get back to running. Even cycling is painful but fortunately not on an OFO bike since I can use regular shoes and push mid-foot 🙂

Long story short great ride today. I reckon I walked a fair bit on both the uphill [grade above 8% and it gets really hard on a single speed to sustain for long efforts…] and downhill [the drum brakes overheated and I had to walk down as well…]. It does not look steep on the video but it is quite often above 10%.

Not sure whether many OFO bikes made it up Tai Mo Shan? Probably not I guess. No performance by the way, just slow up & down, enjoying the scenery and trying not to crash when the brakes don’t work.

And some fun using the SKLZ chute on the downhill to slow me down somewhat.

Ride Safe // OFO pretty cool bike overall…it does the job! (I picked OFO because it was yellow color…Gobee/Mobike also pretty good) // 30 HKD money well spent //


Relive: https://www.relive.cc/view/1498216525




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