20,000 scientists give dire warning about the future in ‘letter to humanity’


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The Independent even headlined its article: “20,000 scientists give dire warning about the future in ‘letter to humanity’ – and the world is listening.”


I am not so sure that anyone is listening to be honest…Since the 1st 1500 signatures back in Nov. 2017 I have not seen much done… For sure it takes time for policy makers. And I definitely cannot argue against rising public awareness but then let’s follow up with real commitments. Anyone who can make a difference (myself included…sic…any individual with a sense of responsibility, creativity…is ought to do something…// easy to say and i am no better than anybody else…but i’d love to see more public protests, more initiatives) and should start now.

In France (and many other places) lawmakers are debating for months whether or not we should ban products that kill the fauna, flora and even consumers! There should not even be a debate to be fair! Yet because of large lobbies and businesses interest (fair enough…to some extent, but then why business should come before our children, health and future?), it is stuck and we all have lost the most common sense.



Original Warning Letter available here: Warning_article_with_supp_11-13-17.



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