TACX Magnum – the next big thing…(or not?)

TACX MAGNUM - next big thing

TACX MAGNUM – A treadmill for both Cyclists & Runners.

The Next Big Thing! (or not…) Why not? Well…I guess it is catered for cold isolated places without access to gym or high pollution or snow everywhere 🙂

  • Cold places
  • Isolated places
  • No access to gym
  • Harsh environment or high pollution or high traffic on the roads
  • Need a spare room to put it
  • Not cheap
  • … humm …

If you can afford the price tag (8,000 EUR approx as far as I know) why not…Fun for ZWIFT Rides & Run

You’ve gotta be pretty committed because if you only run/ride occasionally (like I do…), I assume most people prefer to get outdoors and feel the fresh air & the soft trails, noise under their feet…

Anyway, it still looks pretty cool (See Mister Peter Sagan in person giving out a demo)

30 kmh max seems slow tho,  but then if you add up the 15 deg incline you’re  good for some serious and steady efforts. My concern is what about when you want to practice long TT intervals at 40kph, then you’ll need to incline 5+ deg and it will feel weird. No idea how safe you feel riding on the verge of collapsing (usually turbo trainers are good for this…Pushing 100% in safe conditions) on 2.2m x 1m band…

That reminds me of the treadmill at HKSI /  much bigger, faster AND EXPENSIVE!

HKSI treadmill

Let’s see the response for Cyclists & Runners (Duathletes / Triathletes) => Growing market…True! Yet, still very marginal compared to either runners or cyclists separately.

Verdict: I dont really foresee much sales except professionals: gyms / sports institutions. But happy to be wrong and have more duathletes/triathletes involved in the sport!

Most prospect probably come from racing online (eSport / eGaming) via platforms such as Zwift. Official competitions (assuming TACX can’t be modified/altered + maybe videotaped to reduce/avoid cheating…)


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