INDUSTRY 4.0 are you ready?


At the dawn of INDUSTRY 4.0 (or Fourth Industrial Revolution or DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION) what can we expect? Cyber physical systems, IoT, Cloud Computing and so on…AR, VR, AI.

Nota: Keep in mind that it goes beyond manufacturing and impacts Organizations as a whole. 

#1 PRODUCTIVITY (shorter leadtimes, lower inventory level, resources/assets used more efficiently…)

#2 FLEXIBILITY (No MOQ: full customization on demand…)

#3 QUALITY (higher quality level, real-time monitoring, sensors / alerts, similar to TPQ/LEAN executed by robots)

#4 SPEED (Faster! Obviously)

This is exciting, and it looks good on paper…now what? Still a long way to go and many challenges ahead. Are you ready for it? A SCADA system is the 1st step to ensure that all devices/processors talk to each other in an efficient and logical way. Cyber-security is another key issue. Impacts on existing workforce in terms of training.

I need to find out some examples to make it less abstract and more interested…Coming soon. As usual the best approach is to launch many small tests… (AGILE concept). Fail fast, fail often and yet move forward, baby steps or getting ready for a disruptive jump.



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