2018 Fashionista Talk at Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) on Athleisure x Bodywear.

why model never smile? #6pack

2 interesting presentations from NIKE & GAP around Athleisure. Panel discussion and questions… More details here.

I’ll need to crunch some numbers and check out a few annual reports but it seems that the Athleisure trend is going strong! Studies from Morgan Stanley talking about 340b$ by 2020 globally. (2017/2015)

global sales 2020geo

With $83b sales estimated by 2020 in the US only (from $44 in 2015).


[Figures approximate] Just took major players but so many brands jumped into the Athleisure segment recently. UNIQLO, Athleta (GAP), LORNA JANE, Rhone, Ten Thousand, BrandBlack…

Takeaways: athleisure here to stay (leggings, bras, casual, technical garments & features…) / growth opportunities for large players / market incredibly fragmented in China /

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