2018 Hong Kong Streetathon @ Kowloon

2018 Streetathon @ Kowloon


Many runners, some sections on highways, and a decent starting time (for the 10k at least! 9.30am! Still have to be there 1h early to get to the front but much easier than Std Chartered 10k)

Back to back races & a painful foot for the past 3 weeks [that I really need to take care of…bruise or stress fracture? Cannot train or even walk normally…Must consult Doctor in coming days…grrrr]

Anyway lucky to finish 4th overall (1st 4km on a good pace then struggled…#classic…not enough training/volume yet to keep it up for 10km…) in 37’09

Could not find my name on the results…With young guys ahead of me I should get a podium. I usually don’t bother much but there was some nice bottle of Champaign near the podium! (Turns out it was non-alcoholic sparkling wine…but my daughters like that anyway). So I made an appeal (which delayed the results announcement – sorry about that although I was not the only one). They found my splits and ended up winning the Masters 1 category (finally some perks with getting old…)

Need to figure out what I can do in Addis Ababa (maybe a training camp once my foot is healed!) Thanks Ethiopian Airlines for the flight tickets 🙂 and for the performances on stage!

2018 02 25 Run (Chris) -52.jpg

2018 02 25 Run (Chris) -58





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