The 2018 World’s Most Ethical Companies

It does not mean that you are not ethical if you are not on that list

However if you are you are most likely doing something right! Congratulations!

I should not even have to congratulate since it makes total sense on a business side as well, and it is repeatably proven by data over and over… Yet, no harm bragging about it (employees are even more energized and motivated while they know they belong to a Company that cares and does the right thing).

I guess it’s like DOPING in CYCLING, it will probably take 1 or 2 generations (maybe more…) to remove the cheating/doping culture from (old) managers, sponsors, support crew, coaches, doctors and cyclists themselves… and replace them with more responsible persons & athletes! We’ve seen a dramatic change in the CYCLING landscape over the past few years with many (supposedly) clean(er) teams / cyclists. And to be honest, it is certainly true (I think. Personal opinion). You still have a few scandals here and there, but it’s nothing like 1998 or prior with 1000s of EPO syringes in each team car! Transparency, controls (in/out competition), biologic passport, rules enforcement have become the new norm. Spectators want to see athletes suffering on the steep climbs of Hautacam, not motoring like Mr 60 with his mouth shut at 25kmh! Tour de France is still, and even more so, the greatest show on earth, without doping!

The exact same logic applies to business. Some dinosaurs still believe in opacity & cutting corners for the short-term gain. I believe these businessmen will extinct soon // with customers made aware of the full picture. Instant price is not the only decision trigger anymore and end users have the final say (bottom-up world).

The 21st century is all about quick access to information and transparency. Don’t play by the rules and you are out.

Takeaway: The highest ethical standards is now fully expected and demanded from Organizations and their Leaders. 

ethical vs others

A great read for helping Companies strive in this new era, and probably make it into the 2019 rankings too!


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