Dirty Money [Netflix]

Dirty Money

26th Jan, 2018 on Netflix

Great documentary. A good reminder that Corporations are amoral…(and profits come first…)

Kudos to EPA | CARB | NGOs for holding their ground and protecting consumers and human beings

Thumbs down to VW and some other cheating / lying / deceiving car manufacturers & local Govt. in EU for turning a blind eye (i.e. employment rate vs human lives)

& despite all these scandals VW achieved record sales in 2017…that’s mind blowing & terribly disappointing.

# I still strongly believe consumers shall have the final say and eradicate Compagnies with such illegal & unethical practices  // Transparency // Integrity // Fair Competition // Responsibility // Sustainability // Governance

defeat device



Not sure Ditching Diesel is Compulsory given NOx / hazardous emissions can be reduced/eliminated…Enforcing the rules is the challenge! And getting Corporations not only looking at their bottom line…Tricky/see “corporations are amoral” above. Yet some Car Compagnies are announcing moving away from Diesel engines. And shifting towards electric from 2020 onward…(still need to figure out where to get the materials from without damaging the Environment… and getting the energy to recharge batteries as well… There’s no perfect solution but lots of potential with the right leadership!)

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