SCM 10k 2018

SCM HK 10k  2018
3:30am wake up call….(your heard it right… for a 10k race…ouch)
4:30am warming up (for a 5:45am race…but no elite bib so i will have to stand still for over an hour to be as close as possible from the start)
4:45am start queueing in front of the eastern corridor
5am gates open and 600m sprint to get close to the line
30+ min waiting in line
5.30am another 200m sprint to get close to starting line this time, geez this was chaotic…and another 15min wait…




Start of the 10k…now you get it why one must come when gates open 1h45 early and sprint to the to get close to the starting line!!!

5.45am START
37’45 later, slower than I was hoping for but 2-3 runs a week not enough for me apparently 
Got chicked but glad it was by fellow triathlete Hilda Choi Yan Yin ! Such a great run!

Most importantly what a great new feeling to run pain-free! If that means to be slow and limit training to 30k a week, I take it any day, it was such a great feeling to run like that!

Great to see so many familiar faces! Well done to Italia Running Club runners! Could not stay and at 6:30am I was already on my way to Shenzhen for class with a quick pit shop shower on the way

Relive ‘Morning Run’

Results  10k Masters1



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