TESLA sales comes to a halt in Hong Kong


No more tax break for electric cars in Hong Kong…no more sales…

Although most of the Hong Kong electricity is derived from coal…not environmental friendly. Still…when many Headquarters move to Singapore for a fresher air (and tax breaks too sometimes…). When many executives and foreigners run away from a polluted environment. Wouldn’t encouraging greener transportation the way to go? Confusing.

Source: https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Tesla-sales-screech-to-a-halt-in-Hong-Kong?utm_source=paid.outbrain.com&utm_campaign=BA%20HK&utm_medium=referral


One thought on “TESLA sales comes to a halt in Hong Kong

  1. Actually fuel is majority gas and nuclear with gas on the increase going forward (new gas generation units under construction) and coal being reduced further from currently about 40%. There’s a balance between availability, cost and emissions of each fuel type. https://www.clp.com.hk/en/community-and-environment/green-tools/energy-costs
    With roadside emissions being a major issue in Hong Kong, EVs clearly have benefits since they don’t provide tailpipe emissions. Hopefully the HK government will revert and re-introduce some EV incentives and/or disincentives for combustion engines. With more manufacturers including European car makers getting behind EVs in a big way and battery prices coming down we should see EVs picking up in the medium term. But with HK’s first class public transport infrastructure the broader question is – do we really need so many cars in Hong Kong’s roads, regardless of engine type …

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