9-week training plan for Hong Kong 10KM (Jan 2018)

I could not recall the last time I ran a 10km race…I think my 33′ PB was early 2009 while focusing on long distance triathlon.

Many injuries and little running for too many years, I slowly get back to running this year and I signed up for a 10km race a couple of weeks ago…

Made my way to the front among thousand of starters (old habits die hard, although I guess starting at the back would not make such a big difference in the end).


Crossed the line just below 38 minutes, which is pretty good to be fair…given I have probably never trained faster than 4min pace in the past weeks, and with a 20-30km a week you cannot expect much too, right?



Assuming I can manage my Achilles (i.e. not more than 10k per day, not too hard, not more than 50-60k a week… that kind of consideration), the plan is now to get faster – and not getting injured – for Hong Kong Standard Chartered 10km (not the marathon, no thank you. Finally made up my mind that a 90kg dude with Achilles issue is not meant to PB on Marathon! Period!)

So I will follow this 9-week training plan (might adjust here and there but that’s the PLAN) leading up to Jan. 21st. Lot of short and fast stuff, which is good…and not much mileage, also good. Just have to be cautious and not push too much, skip sessions if tired and watch out for niggles.


Hopefully around 36min by then…if i can zigzag among the thousands of runners that will be queuing near the starting line from 5am!!

Add oil!




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