Simon Whitfield on Coach Sutto (2017)

Great article from Simon Whitfield about Coach Sutto.



[…] Today he was explaining he wanted his athletes to have purposeful kick, none of this six beat nonsense, and he lamented the use of world class swimmers as models, they are the anti protocol for swimming, “you are not a world class swimmer, you look nothing like them, you are not flexible, stop trying to swim like them, you can’t, so learn to work with what you have, WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE!!” He applied this across the board, triathlon is unique, you are not a swimmer, biker, runner: you are a triathlete. I agree, it’s not swimming and biking, and running, it’s swimbikerun, it’s one word. Say it quickly. Swimbikerun. Sutto agree’s. “Who can spin like that on the bike, this high cadence silliness, preserve your hamstrings, think ahead, youre a triathlete not a cyclist” “in Ironman it’s not running, it’s barely even jogging, it’s shuffling, they shuffle, Crowie shuffled quickly. Learn to shuffle quickly, wanna get faster, run up hill, a lot, run hills, a lot. And get out there and shuffle, and get to the track, do 40×400 at pace, 100×200 at pace, easy jog, do it, over and over. Learn your body, increase your capacity, build your resiliency and be consistent”. […]
(Featured image / photo credit DELLY CARR / #CLASSIC)

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