Thank you DAFT PUNK for making this tempo run feels “easy & short”!

This has always been a routine I used to follow back in the days when I was somewhat fitter and more motivated into racing and results… I would pick up a highly motivating album wich a few key songs and would always listen to it during hard sessions!

Even years after I can get fully energized while coming across such songs on the radio or in a shop…impressive subconscious effects!

Anyway I used Daft Punk to prep for 2016 Gold Coast marathon… and I just started using the same playlist this month for Kona17.

IMG_004425k in 1h40 with 3k warm up and 3k cool down. Starting to get back into shape!


Obviously for someone who can sweat up to 2 liters per hour this is a biased measurement… yet, it makes A HUGE difference as everybody knows…


That was me on 31st of March…after PRP injection and a couple (maybe more…probably 4+) months doing not much except sitting and eating 🙂

It took me until July / August to get back to 88kg…and I kicked off Kona training in Sept. with 2 swims per week (2k each, evening…) and 3 rides a week. So weight is gently dropping which is good.

Calf strain that prevented me from running for 2 weeks in August and 2 weeks in September seems to be fixed now. For sure running at 83-84kg does not put the same stress on the calves than pushing at 88kg+

2 weeks to go. Taper will be reduced to 5 days given it’s a 30 days training plan anyway. Plus the objective is the Underpants run and to have a good marathon at the Ironman. Swim & bike will the warm-up.


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