Ironman World Championship Start-list 2017

Ironman World Championship – Kona 2017. The Start-list is out HERE.

Looks like 2327 athletes total (there are probably mistakes in charts below, along as incorrect figures but these charts are for reference only…) with 72% men and 28% women.


45-49 the largest AG as usual, followed by 40-44 and 35-39. Similar proportions betwen Men & Women.



By Country

720 from the US of A. Another 1/3 from AUSTRALIA (217), GERMANY (200), GREAT-BRITAIN (137), CANADA (112), FRANCE (103). And finally last third from the other 59 countries (long tail)


Obviously there must be a strong correlation between the number of races offered in the US or Europe and the number of qualified athletes from those countries.

Out of interest I looked at the number of qualified athlete compared to the population (divided by 1 million).

Luxember tops the list with 6 qualifications for a population of 474,000 inhabitants (12.6 to Kona per million inhabitants) . Danemark 60 qualified (or 11 per million inhabitants!), Australia 10.7, New Zealand 8.8, Belgique 5.1… Those are seriously committed countries!

Hong Kong ranks top 30 with 9 qualified (Does not sounds correct tho, wasn’t it 14 total in the end?) – Great job! 


China picking up fast thanks to Wanda and WTC with 20 qualified, and probably many more to come in the near future.


Congratulations to all athletes!

including those from countries facing political instabilities, wars and many other challenges. 










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