Arket, H&M’s new brand discloses factory details online


Arket is H&M’s new brand (launched August 2017)

Many Companies already disclose factory names online (H&M, Esprit, Adidas, Puma, Nike, Gap, Levi’s, Columbia…)

(+) The new feature here is to link it directly to the item (See screenshot above). Kudos to H&M for taking the initiative here!

(-) Not enough as the layman consumer won’t know what to do with that information to be honest. Unless he/she wants to buy specifically from this or that country maybe.

Next step for H&M’s team is to give more confidence to consumers. How?

  1. Somehow manage to link this factory name to an official & recognized 3rd party like FLA for instance (not so easy as plenty of them out there, with slightly different agenda, funding system, audit requirements…).
  2. Extract main characteristics of the factory onto the website [major violations? working hours? fire safety? building safety? …] and get 3rd party to verify with date of latest on-site audit maybe?  => Ideally setup a basic color code system showing GREEN when everything is OK, ORANGE when some minor violations or CAP not implemented yet… and RED when serious issues (for sure H&M won’t sell many of those items…maybe not? At least incentive to fix it quickly…).
  3. Adding information such as years of (direct, i.e. no agent) collaboration with H&M might be useful as well. Could also be the audit history (color codes only) in past years to highlight progress (or not) made by the factory.
  4. Main issue for Consumers and H&M as well is how to be sure that the factory is not outsourcing without authorization. RFID-like labels, GPS markers, BlockChain disruptive technology could certainly be a game changer for the entire supply-chain in coming years.

Let’s give credit to H&M for this great new initiative and looking forward for  improvement in near future!


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