F.A.S.T. with Kenyan runners

Focus, Alignment, Stability, Timing [foot/ground contact] Secret of Kenyan Runners.

Already a few years old documentary but great watch to keep me company on my 1st long run prepping for Kona next month. 2h25 and 30k+ locked in a gym on a treadmill…ouch, yet these guys do so much more…AMAZING!


Man on a Mission: Born to Run—The Secret of Kenyan Athletics

Footage on youtube, vimeo & more… https://vimeo.com/33808532

Takeaways highlighted HERE

Kudos to Eamonn Coghlan for a great documentary. [Talking below with David Rudisha, 800m World Record, World Champ, Olympian Champ…]


And profound respect & congratulations to Brother Colm O’Connel, the “Godfather of Kenyan running” for his huge contribution in the past 50+ years at St Patrick’s High School in Iten.



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