Offcial IM KONA kick-off training day!

Probably 6+ months late to be fair…at the very least…But all can see my excited positive mind are the 8 weeks ahead 🙂

Get back some fitness and have some fun on 14th October (and even more fun the few days before and after!)

Sunny bay, familiar place for many!

I have not used the rear wheel for a while so I had to swap tyre with front wheel to stop the rubbing but finally made it on my way for a classic IM session! How to lose 1h…

Air quality not on my side tho but no plan to go hard anyway

And during weekdays 3 temporary roadworks with long traffic lights…geez (can’t wait for the road to be finished… smoooth)

Anyway long ride 175k in almost 6 hours 🙂 ouch [yeah lots of stopping but slow ride too… crash course of building some BASE!]

And a 1h tempo run afterwards [treadmill A/C] Supposed to be 20k (in 1h20) but bailed after 15k (in 1h) – my brain had forgotten what IM training meant and liked the 15 number more than 20… 🙂

Completely knackered, can’t believe this used to be a regular workouts I’d complete “easily” ah ah ah…(well 6 years ago!)

I hope it won’t take me 3 weeks to recover!

#1 Workout summary: long easy ride + steady tempo run 

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