2017 Better World MBA vs FT

4 major publications rank global MBA annually: The Financial Times (FT), The Economist, Business Week and Forbes. I usually look at FT but it would be worth taking them all into considerations (I am sure lots of info available online about each ranking specifics)


My points here is to compare the FINANCIAL TIMES rankings with what CORPORATE KNIGHTS (CK) did with a SUSTAINABILITY (only) FOCUS!

Ranking Methodology (click) by Corporate Knights is around curriculum, institutes and centres, and faculty research.

Their rankings 2017 HERE

Now out of the Top 40 MBA found out by CK, only 14 of them are in the Top 50 from FT. Kudos to these programs! And if I were among the others MBA left out I would reach out to CK to better understand what they are looking at (they may qualify for a proper listing next year…). But also I would urge these top business schools to take responsible leadership and sustainability as (in my opinion) the most important core courses and takeaways that future leaders of the World MUST fully GRASP and EMBRACE!

rankings FT

(If I get more time I’ll do a proper comparisons with all major publications, and more info from CK – maybe some adjustment as well…Looking forward to 2018 rankings then!)

sustainable business sometimes soon


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