TdHK – Tour de Hong Kong

Tour de France Stage 9 to Chambery delivered so much! I had to go for a spin today… I felt like Vuillermoz going uphill 🙂 Downhill like Bardet! Although actually I certainly rode much slower than Demarre! Some nice quiet roads in Tai Lam Country Park… I enjoyed the Relive

As much as I smile on the photos [maybe not the 2nd Tai Mo Shan], and try to convince myself that Hong Kong is a great place to ride a bike… Some great roads, but way too many people anyway. Once again a minibus [do they take a driving test, seriously?] overtook me on a downhill at 50kph, squeezing me on the left side of the roads – bunny hopping the potholes… Just to hit the brakes 20m later to drop/pick up some passengers. All cyclists in Hong Kong perfectly know that trick, grrrrr…. In the end they burn more fuel, they wear the brakes quicker, they can send you to hospital. I guess it must be their way to stimulate the local economy because it does not make any sense otherwise…Oh well, I have not seen much changes in behavior towards cyclists happening in HKG in the past 10 years. And way too many rides of silence 😦 Sure, there must be some ways… [promote good driving, hotline to notify reckless driving/drivers, electric minibus with slow linear acceleration, … As a cyclist, I now stop by the side of the road when I see 3 or 4 cars behind me, let them pass and everybody is happy. Still, not sure many drivers know that legally cyclists can ride on the road [unless cycling path nearby].

Positives: great sunny day out there. Nice roads. Great to overtake 3km of traffic jam on Sha Tau Kok road (Small crash between car and minibus – did I mention they can’t drive? But they waited for Police and blocked the road for long time apparently)

Finished the last 10km on the 11 to replicate Uran’s final.. 🙂

Looking forward to stage 12 on WED!

Safe riding









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