Tip #1: Training in the heat (Keep your race pace!)

Many posts about that topic, and lots of scientific studies as well…So I won’t repeat what has been written. Instead I’ll share my views and a simple tip.

Basically I would encourage runners to train indoors (treadmill) and limit the outdoors workouts to 1 or 2 per week max. (depending on the ultimate goal too! And whether acclimatization is required or not…obviously).

As a big unit (90kg+) I still see too many drawbacks with training in the heat of Hong Kong Summer (often above 30 deg C and 90% Rel. humidity). Can’t hit the target pace, demoralizing, HR too high, taxing, it takes forever to recover from any hard session… Overall not good stuff, right.

One question you may have is whether or not to train at race pace in such harsh conditions? Cost/Benefits? 

Training at race speed is really important…and the reason most workouts are always some kind of intervals close to race pace, especially when getting close to your A race. So my approach here would be to consider heat training somewhat similar to altitude training: keep the “ON’s” at race pace but take a longer recovery. Simple.

For instance…

  •  Winter Conditions workout… 8x [ 1k at 3’45 min / km pace + 1k at 4’30 pace (or 20% slower) ]
  • Would then become (Summer Conditions)… 8x (or 6x) [ 1k at 3’45 min / km pace + 1k at 5′ pace (or 35% slower…and can even be 6’pace if needed) ]

More hydration pre/during/after obviously, less reps potentially too… but don’t let the Summer slow you down = Keep your RACE PACE “on”!



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