Summiting Mt. Everest without oxygen and fixed ropes! #Tribute to Kilian

With Kilian Jornet summiting Mt. Everest twice in a week without Oxygen and fixed ropes…Mind-blowing, speechless, inspirational

So I wanted to pay tribute to Kilian and summit Everest as well. Good excuse to get back on the horse too!

Only problem is that I underestimated the feat, and it is an understatement!

I decided at 10pm on Tuesday to do it the next morning…Woke up at 3am and head towards Bride’s Pool Road – which is definitely not an ideal route, too slow gradient but with the typhoon and the pouring rain it was safer to use a nice road with little traffic and lights at night.

Started at 4am… non-stop rain until 8-9am


For some stupid reasons I thought I could make each climb and back in 10min, which meant pushing 260+ watts each time. After 8-10 hours of this regimen my legs gave up and here comes the survival mode (again…it happens way too often while not fit!!)


Still smiling…


These cows spent the day out there with me…always on the middle of the road! Slow descent!


Afternoon was fine, although very hot and humid.


So I did not prepare anything, and stopped by 7-eleven on my way to Bride’s Pool. And no places to buy food around here. Anyway so I rode for 21h+ on 2 twix bars and 2pack of chestnut… THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH TO SAY THE LEAST.

Anyway, main goal was to bank in a long aerobic ride. Fair enough.


Last climb…


To be honest, 2400km in the last 5.5 months (or 430k / month) – not bad actually!

NOT ENOUGH for a proper Everesting! Definitely!

Anyway, DONE, OMG it took forever…Snail pace…

SOLO RIDE, NO FOOD, ONLY WATER & a few cans of Coke & Redbull, (no oxygen, no ropes) => Pain everywhere now, and very tired…#LOVEMYBED!


  • ASCENT 8848m
  • Start 4am – End 1:18am next day (Total duration 21:15)
  • 360km covered
  • 100+ reps


Congrats to all mountaineers for attempting and sometimes succeeding in summiting Mt. Everest (for real)! 

INTO THIN AIR – beautiful read. Highly recommended.


4 thoughts on “Summiting Mt. Everest without oxygen and fixed ropes! #Tribute to Kilian

  1. You utter lunatic EF. Just nuts. Hat off to you. This might be the most hardcore Everest done in Hong Kong. Love it. Kona will seem like a sprint tri at SP. Well maybe not but still, ridiculously impressive!!!!!!

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  2. Congrats man! I was the guy you met half way through your day…. Can’t quite believe you managed it…. You must have been going mad by the end.

    Liked by 2 people

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