The North Face 100km Hong Kong

The North Face 100KM!

What a great course. Awesome trails. Not much training recently so no target except to finish and most importantly keep legs fresh as I am flying to Thailand on holidays the next day

Many new trails I did not know around Tai Mei Tuk and Luk Keng. Rolling hills. Got lost at one point as I missed one arrow (course well marked actually. Was not paying attention and went straight ahah. U-turned quickly as it was a dead end anyway and nobody around.

1st bit till CP4 was pretty rolling and easy. Then it became a bit steeper, some bushes-crossing too…Tai Mo Shan, then night fell and it started raining as well.

The end of the race was pretty miserable ahah, but I was enjoying the mashed potatoes at the aid station (lots of drinks and food, once again awesome organization from Keith’s team). I went slow the all day, taking photos, calling family and friends on phone, chatting with fellow runners… and finished in a slow 17h45. Good thing is legs were not sore and I could enjoy my holidays.

Course was definitely challenging when you look at the results (1st in 12h, 13th at UTMB 2013!…2nd Stone in 12h40 and even some strong HK runners in 13h-14h. Slow for 100km, tough course)

OK! Time to enjoy the beach and Thai food! Yipee! (and my daughter wants to go horse-riding…)

TNF100 route map_2015 update


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