9th Tour of Matabungkai, Philippines

9th Tour of Matabungkay
Replaced someone at the last minute. Very strong team, very keen to perform well. Felt good.
Decided to bring the 808s given 2 stages were TimeTrials!
Just got a new BLUE bike from SportsWorlds litteraly the day before to fly in.
I was adjusting the saddle and bars minutes before the TT…Felt not so comfy all the way (the Blue Triad SL is so much faster…)
Anyway came 4th out of the 1st 20km TT, 1’20 down on teammate Colin Robertson.
From now on my job was to stay at the front with him to make sure he can win this Tour for the 2nd time in a row.
Unfortunately things went wrong on the 2nd stage at I hit the deck pretty hard on the very first descent…ouch!
I was in the front pack, 6-7 riders…and that descent was probably 2-3 km at 12 to 15% grade, with a few sharp turns where I had to break hard.
At the end of the climb, there was some gravel so I break again but that was too much for my red-hotted front tyre: BAND, the tube exploded, the tyre came off the rim and here i was sliding on the tarmac at 60kmh…
Luckily no one behind me, I grabbed the bike from the middle of the road, checked the bike…and then me. Was ready to get my front tyre change but really felt pain in my shoulder…No go at the end. Broken collarbone, few stitches and road rashes…
 Bike crash broken collarbone and road rash
At the end it’s a combination of small factors that cause the blown out…lesson learnt for next time…
– i did not change to carbon pads (although i had raced often like that…still biggest mistake)
– i used a latex tube (Which does not withstand the heat as well as butyl tube)
– the 808 carbon clinchers + vittoria tyres = very easy to take the tyre off the rim (one hand enough!)
– 88kg going 70k dowhill and breaking hard for 2-3km is putting a lot of stress on the brakes!
– completely forgot about that ‘blownout’ possibility (given i normally ride on tubulars with carbon pads on my other bike) and i was braking harder on front than rear (as you would…but as a safety, i should put more force on the rear and even go slower…final!)
I really got lucky given I was only down to 50-60kmh when I came down at the bottom on the descent, on the flat section. Could have been much worse.
Support: team manager (Rob, Alex…), organizers (Quin…), ambulance…were really great and took good care of me.
I’m healing fast and will be back soon. Hopefully next year ;-) and this time on tubular tyres!
Bad luck struck our team with many mechanicals and only 3 riders left in the final TTT… Did not win at the end, shame. But next time for sure!


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