VTP Victora to Peak 2012

Finally! I made the VTP!
2010, I was in good shape, tried to follow Thomas (now 4-times winner, in a row!) but he opened a big gap and I could not see where he went…ended up turning too soon at some point and got lost ;-( I made it to the finish via another road and sat down, waiting for Thomas to arrive to win his 2nd title. He was a bit surprised to see me at the finish I remember, what are you doing here?? Ahah. 
2011, the organizers kindly invited me to race again since I got lost in 2010 (my fault actually… I should have checked the map before…but these guys are really cool, great people, they’re doing an awesome job with that one-of-a-kind race!) However I really had pain with my achilles and could barely run at that time so I declined and cheered my wife doing it.
2012, finally I made it! My running is pretty average this year (probably less than 20k per week in average, still nursing my achilles…. Even if it’s much better than before and I can now run pain-free!) After Vegas 2 weeks ago (World Champs 70.3) and Weihai last week, plus the lack of run specific training…I would have suffered too much running it seriously. (My last run inWeiHai was terrible…cramps and slow…I did not want to add up some crap result, not good for motivation)
However, I really wanted to do it. As it’s a real awesome course, starting from the Star Ferry (sea level) and running to the Peak via small paths, stairs, through parks…
So we decided to do it for fun, with our 3-year old daughter…her 1st running race, in some way ;-)
She ran when the gun went off at 9am. I carried her most of the time tho…but she did ran up the stairs, some paths. We stopped to recover, to drink. It was pretty cool. We said hello to the chimpanzee, stopped to watch some birds. And to wait for mummy too (can you believe it? seriously ;-) as we were too fast actually!
Thanks to everyone for cheering up all the way to the Peak. It was really cool. Thanks to SW (Karen and her team) for the great photos and support.
Thanks to Freeman, Leo and the VTP Club Balance team for putting such a great race in Hong Kong!
Now I know what it feels to run being 104kg….that’s really hard! 
And I know the awesome course now, can’t get lost anymore! See you next year!



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