Ironman 70.3 Worlds @ Las Vegas

Ironman 70.3 World Champs @ Las Vegas

Mission accomplished: Join and finish the race in the PRO cat. and most importantly ENJOY it all along the way, which I did.
Swam 30′, 6min behind the top guys, nothing abnormal… I even had a pretty d

ecent first 800m drafting some slow (like me) swimmers, but then we screwed up a bit and ended up swimming quite slow. No biggie.
On the bike, I passed the few girls that were ahead of me in the swim (despite the 5′ late start for them) and went as hard as I could. The course is stunning! And hilly but with a lot of 2/3% grade downhills where you go 50+….pretty cool. At the U-turn I am 12′ behind the 1st group (top guys) and 8′ behind the 2nd group. Behind only 2-3 guys, I passed a few as well… Rode 2’28. Thought it was ‘ok’ until I checked the results and saw Kienle (winner) going 2’08! While the groups rode around 2’14… Certainly(?) I could not ride with them but as usual being on your own all the way does not help to focus and to push (2013: back to AG ranks to have some more fun!)
Felt ok on the run, took me 1 loop (7 miles) to feel good. This time I prepared very well (unlike Philippines) with hydration/electrolytes/nutrition (pre-race, and during) and I did not have any cramps, felt able to run. As usual this year, my running is a bit off so can’t do much better than 1’34 on this hilly course (also a bit hard to push when you’re on your own without any one to catch… I was 1 loop behind already when I started my run! Insanely fast… Except when Docherty and Crowie passed me on their 2nd laps, I stayed behind for 500m and the pace was not crazy fast (no 1’10 half-marathon this year! it felt like 1’15) so I enjoyed the TV crew filming being behind 2 of the best triathletes in the sport! ahah. I did not keep with them long tho and got back to my 4’30 pace…
Finished 35th in the Pro cat. in 4h36 (and 75th overall, ouch, but as I said many times, different waves, different races…plus some AGers are really impressive I reckon!)
Still 3 pros behind (yeah! not last!) and many DNF (which I also count behind me ;-) cause usually they just dropped out once out of the prize money – fully understandable. But I was here to enjoy all the way and it was great.Nice venue, the swim is nice and warm. The bike is stunning! and the run goes quick with many crowds cheering. Great feeling to be part of this raceThanks to everyone, supporters, organizers, volunteers, friends, sponsors!
More photos to come soon

Come race Vegas 2013, it’s one of the very best race I’ve done in my life!

See you soon


NOTA: More details + PHOTOS to come soon…Stay tuned!
NOTA: Thanks Eric for the great shots.

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