3rd (and last) stage, 100km
Got dropped in a climb after 15km approx…huge effort to catch them back but I was spent when they hammered again on the next climb (MTBers are really good climbers, I’m not used to these short bursts…)
2 Mongolian and 1 Chinese a few hundreds meters ahead -> 1 and 2 in GC and the other Mongolian had a mechanical on the 1st stage and lost a lot of time (approx 14min?) but he did his solo ride yesterday and made up quite some time (no idea how much but from the result I’ve seen today it was approx 5min). So basically i am ok for 3rd overall if i dont lose too much time on that guy…and i could do better if i could catch them back
I ride solo through some serious headwind, which definitely does not help here
At around 30-40km I can see the leading car / TV far ahead in the scenery, but it’s better than nothing
At 60-70km I see a solo rider ahead of me….less than 1k 
I’m catching up, it’s the Chinese rider…which means that the 2 Mongolian are probably working at the front. If I can pass him and if the other Mongolian does not make up too much time, I could get 2nd in the GC….arg go faster Erich!
At around 80km I am almost 200m behind the Chinese rider but then a very steep climb (where I always lost time…) and he saw me and put the hammer down…damn!
Spent the last 20km trying to keep him in sight…..simply no way, we’re going similar speeds, I’m not making much progress, even losing some ground
Final stretch on the road and guess who came 4th again today? ;-)  
(got 4th in Japan last week…I need to do something!)
3rd in GC tho
Great scenery (photos to come hopefully)
Thanks to Nordicways for putting such a nice event.
Well done to Pierre Arnaud too for getting 6th overall, and thanks for letting me ride the Chiru Pulse 29ers again (I never ride MTB but it rides nicely: easy handling and very fast in these rollings hills)
Final report here
 Strava HERE 
Ride safe
See you in the Philippines in 5th August (70.3)

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